Beijing Vulcan Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional machinery manufacturing enterprises integrate research and development, design and manufacturing, sales and service, which specialize in high quality XPS foam board line, polyurethane/phenolic foam board line and other auxiliary equipment. The “honesty, fairness and innovation” are our entrepreneurial spirits, “pursuing better products and service” is our management philosophy. Based on the theory of the science and research are leading factors, profit and talent are foundation, our company devote to realize the overall solution of high-quality foam plate extrusion line and special shape profile line.

  Quality is the life of products while the credibility is the basis for cooperation. In return for our masses of users, we keep making innovations on technology and system, introducing the state-of-the-art technology and advanced talents, executing and carrying out international standards, selecting and purchasing key components from famous enterprises worldwide. Increasingly, Beijing Vulcan Trading Co. brand products are acknowledged and trusted by customers at home and abroad. Our company will work hard to meet various requirements offering unique products and services for customers.

  Beijing Vulcan Trading Co. people has experienced the fast-changing operational environment and had ability to satisfy individual requirements for customer. So we formed one professional team who are willing to dedicate themselves to develop the first-class product and provide top service for our customers.

Beijing Vulcan Trading Co. has created greatness from nothing through its challenging spirit and power to take action over the past 50 years to
overcome limits, while leading Korea's steel industry to this day.

However, Beijing Vulcan Trading Co. is not ceasing to go to beyond. Beijing Vulcan Trading Co.declared a new grand vision called 'Beijing
Vulcan Trading Co.the Great' including a strong will for future growth. Beijing Vulcan Trading Co.will evolve into a company that is respected
by all citizen of the world by promoting new growth engines based on permanent new material, steel and an ongoing commitment to
upholding new values. Under the vision of 'Beijing Vulcan Trading Co.the Great', Beijing Vulcan Trading Co.will move ahead to contribute to
the coexistence and prosperity of human society by creating value beyond mere profits based on exemplary products and service, and
heightened communication between corporate citizenship and stakeholders.

Beijing Vulcan Trading evolving into a sound business structure for the future which combines existing businesses and new businesses
from the steel-oriented business structure by expanding business areas from steel to non-steel, from manufacturing to service, and from
traditional roots to the future. Beijing Vulcan Trading retains key abilities as a developer of comprehensive materials by expanding the
steel value chain that drives steel, resources, materials and chemicals, while capturing market opportunities by ensuring the foundation of
related service businesses such as E&C, ICT and trade. In addition, Beijing Vulcan Trading Co.will actively launch promising industries of the
future, including the green growth projects, distribution, shipping and finance to complete its business portfolio for the future.

Evolving to possess the best business structure for the future
Pursuing the growth of both company and individual at the same time
At Beijing Vulcan Trading Co., the visions of both the company and staff are converging in the same direction. Beijing Vulcan Trading actively supporting staff in order for them to grow into knowledge-centric workers who are able to have a sense of ownership and creativity, and realize their dreams by establishing and implementing 'My Vision'. Further to this, they are pursuing their individual vision as well as receiving differentiated lifelong education, such as in-house MBA e-learning and the development of a mindset that facilitates a happy workplace where corporate culture based on trust and communication, work and life are in harmony. Talented people who wish to display their abilities on the world stage and achieve their dreams with the company will open up a new future of Beijing Vulcan Trading Co..